Results Map® Strategy Lab

The Results Map® Strategy Lab is an intensive, online collaborative process that provides the most effective and efficient way for a team to develop a Strategic Communications Plan in real-time. The co-creative process of the workshop builds internal alignment and engagement while also strengthening in-house capabilities through the introduction the Results Map® methodology.

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About the Workshop

Facilitated by Caroline Kealey and supported by a rapporteur, participants in the Strategy Lab are led through the Results Map® process for developing a Strategic Communications Plan, with the group’s ideas captured into a Plan “shell” projected on-screen. Through collaboration and discussion, key components of the Plan are built in real-time.

Upon completion of the session, a finalized Strategic Communications Plan is then provided as a deliverable, combining the group’s insights with the specialized expertise and experience of the Results Map team.

Participants of the Strategy Lab are equipped with the Results Map® System of 10 knowledge products, over 100 tools, templates and samples and on-demand learning through videos and recorded webinars, available through the online System hub to help facilitate the development of future strategic communications plans.

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