Results Map® Masters Program

This three-day session provides a unique, immersive opportunity for hands-on learning combined with powerful team-building. Designed as an active learning experience, participants use a case study drawn from their own organization to work through the Results Map® framework for strategic communications based on the “junctures” of PREPARE, PLAN, IMPLEMENT and EVALUATE.

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About the Workshop

Like a shot in the arm of inspiration and empowerment for a communications team, the Masters Program helps teams raise their game in offering strategic value through a results-based approach to the function. The Program includes an exploration of proven strategies to build solid consultative skills and practical strategies to measure results. It also addresses the unique challenges and opportunities of strategic communications planning in a context of organizational change. Participants earn a Certificate in the Results Map® methodology upon completion of the Program – helping to build practitioners’ credentials and confidence, while contributing meaningfully to their longer-term career growth.

The Results Map® is like a driver-assist system for your communications team. It won’t drive the car, but it will prompt you on when to go, when to slam on the brakes. It’ll nudge you to stay in your lane and alert you to oncoming dangers ahead.

Learning Outcomes

  • Game changing techniques for stepping up the communications function to deliver maximum value, mitigate risks and drive alignment to business outcomes
  • A step-by-step proven process for designing strategic communications plans that deliver measurable results
  • Practical guidelines and tools for developing a meaningful communications evaluation framework
  • Techniques for thinking strategically and honing consultative skills, including delivering an effective challenge function
  • An Open Forum providing participants with a unique opportunity to raise their current challenges and work on forging solutions using the Results Map® process and insights from their peers
  • Proven approaches to using the Results Map®’s time saving tools that to elevate strategic communications performance while reducing the churn caused by mis-alignment and reinventing the wheel


Results Map® Masters Program – Day 1

9:00 Welcome
9:15 Roundtable on Challenges and Opportunities: Making Strategy Work
9:40 Presentation: Destination Results
10:30 Break
10:45 Exploring Successful Strategic Communications
Results Map® Tool: Exploring Successful Strategic Communications Worksheet
11:00 Introduction of Case Study
11:30 Prepare Juncture: Setting Yourself Up for Success
Results Map® Tools: Project Plan Template, Bi-Weekly Project Update, Building a Consultation Plan Worksheet, Interview Guide
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Defining Measurable Objectives
Results Map® Tool: Strategic Alignment Worksheet
2:00 What Makes Change Communications Different?
2:15 Break
2:30 The Change Communications Playbook
Results Map® Tools: Best Practices in Change Communications, Making Change Scenes, Planning Change Communications Through Outside-In Thinking
3:00 Results Map® Online Tools
3:30 Session Close

Results Map® Masters Program – Day 2

9:00 Recap of Day 1
9:15 Introduction of a Sample Strategic Communications Plan
Results Map® Tool: Regulator X Sample
9:40 Raising Your Game Through Consultative Skills
10:15 Break
10:30 Asking Questions That Count
Results Map® Tool: Top 10 Questions in Strategic Communications
11:00 Strategic Considerations: Turning Information Into Insight
Results Map® Tools: Public Environment Analysis Worksheet, Issues Management Worksheet
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Key Audiences: Fostering Outside-In Thinking
Results Map® Tools: Audience Profiling Grid, Mapping Audiences to Outcomes Worksheet
2:15 Break
2:30 Developing a Message Architecture
Results Map® Tools: Message Architecture Worksheet, Change Messaging Worksheet
3:00 Thinking About Content Strategy
3:30 Session Close

Results Map® Masters Program – Day 3

9:00 Recap of Days 1 & 2
9:15 Tactical Implementation Planning
Results Map® Tool: Tactical Assessment Worksheet
10:15 Break
10:30 Presentation: The Communications Evaluation Playbook
11:30 Communications Evaluation
Results Map® Tools: The Communications Evaluation Playbook, Performance Indicator Matrix, Directory of Measurement Tools, Communications Audit Worksheet, Communications Debrief Worksheet
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Open Forum
2:15 Break
2:30 Review of Results Map® Tools
Results Map® Tools: Best Practices in Strategic Communications Planning, Strategic Communications Plan at a Glance, Change Management Plan at a Glance
3:00 Presentation of Results Map® Certificates
3:30 Session Close

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“You have created something magical that gives communicators a whole new skill set and approach to the way we work. Results Map® allows us to learn from the best, and use these new frameworks and tools to strengthen our organizations.”

Phoebe Dey, VP Communications & Marketing

Alberta Cancer Foundation

“The Results Map® program has raised my capacity to become a more seasoned communications professional.  The resources and knowledge that the experience has given me is real value that I can bring back to my organization, and that’s something that’s not available anywhere else.”

Asha Jhamandas

Royal College and Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

“Results Map® has been a very effective tool for helping to standardize what we do.  It has helped us to better identify exactly what our internal clients need from us, so that we can add even more value and execute our communications projects successfully by working together.”

Eduardo Rifenburg Aparicio, Director of Communications

Corona (Bogota, Columbia)

“The Results Map® team’s unique expertise, creativity and profound respect for our organization acting in convergence with our internal knowledge and determination produced this most excellent result.”

Claudio Brun del Re, Executive Director (Retired), Facilities, University of Ottawa

Winner of the IABC Best of the Best Award in Change Communication, achieved in partnership with the Results Map® team

“The first day of the Results Map® workshop was akin to the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle. I felt I had discovered a trove of fundamental information to guide me through planning, delivering and evaluating our office’s communications efforts.”

Marie Danielle Vachon

Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner

“The Results Map® process is amazingly practical, insightful and valuable.”

Edouard Biot, Vice-President

Winner – IABC Gold Quill Award

“The Results Map® workshop was the best training session I’ve ever attended – material was top notch and the delivery was totally relevant to my experience and my team’s challenges. Amazing!”

Results Map® workshop participant

“The best, most practical training I’ve ever had in strategic communications. I love the Results Map® model!”

Pacific Federal Communications Council

“As a relatively small organization with limited communications resources, ensuring those resources are used as effectively and efficiently as possible is critical to our performance in serving the people of the Northwest Territories. The Results Map® approach has been instrumental in helping create a shared understanding of and commitment to strategic communications at all levels of the organization, as well as supporting the development of tools and processes to better deliver on the government’s communications priorities grounded in proven communications best practices.”

Shaun Dean, Director of Cabinet Communications

Government of Northwest Territories

“The Results Map® workshop was a game changer for me… it gave me a chance to take stock of my work and think creatively about the real value I’m contributing. The tools and templates have been invaluable, and I find I use them virtually every week.”

Results Map® workshop participant

“Results Map® is an ingenious product that directly addresses the challenges faced by public sector communicators. The methodology is rigorous, practical and flexible in supporting teams to deliver measurable results. What makes the approach special is that it takes aim at the common frustrations that communicators deal with day to day -  it provides fresh advice and really empowering tools that help us move from being transactional to being transformational contributors.”

Zoe Raemer, Director, Corporate Communications

Government of Northwest Territories (Retired)

“Results Map® is a tangible step forward in the world of communications, providing clients with a valuable tool designed to identify the objectives that will have the greatest impact, and put in place the processes to help ensure that they are achieved.”

Canadian Medical Association

“A transformative resource and strategic mindset for my team. Finally, we’re all on the same page and focused on results!”

Government of Canada client

“Never has a communications planning tool been as thorough, professional and easy to use as Results Map®. As an accredited communications practitioner with 20 years of experience, I consider myself a seasoned communications expert. However, using Results Map® has given my planning process even greater depth, flow and consistency. I probably won’t ever develop another communications plan without it.”

Natalie Lavigne, Principal of Ecovox