Levelling Up: Advanced Exploration of the Results Map® Methodology

Immersive workshop experience designed to go beyond foundational communications planning and strengthen mindsets and skillsets for delivering results-based strategic communications using the Results Map® methodology.

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About the Workshop

The Levelling Up Workshop explores proven strategies to build solid consultative skills as well as techniques for delivering an effective challenge function through the Results Map®. Building on the content of the Raising Your Game workshop, the session offers expanded time for case study work as well as additional content in the areas of public environment analysis, change communications and consulting skills. The workshop has a strong focus on results-based communication, including practical techniques for measurement and evaluation.

Participants are equipped with the Results Map® System which includes access to the full set of 10 knowledge products, over 100 tools, templates and samples and on-demand learning through videos and recorded webinars in the online System hub.

Learning Outcomes

  • Game changing techniques for stepping up the communications function to deliver maximum value, mitigate risks and drive alignment to business outcomes
  • A step-by-step proven process for designing strategic communications plans that deliver measurable results
  • Practical guidelines and tools for developing a meaningful communications evaluation framework
  • Techniques for thinking strategically and honing consultative skills, including delivering an effective challenge function
  • Proven approaches to using the Results Map®’s time-saving tools to elevate strategic communications performance while reducing the churn caused by mis-alignment and reinventing the wheel

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