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“Effective organizations are communities of human beings, not collections of human resources.”

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The Results Map® System Tool Change Readiness Assessment

This assessment tool will instantly give you insights on the strengths and gaps in your change so that you can plan effectively.

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The Results Map® Change Agent’s Toolkit

The Change Agent’s Toolkit is a practical, time-saving guide for driving change. It is designed around a step-by-step framework for executing change toward measurable outcomes.

The Toolkit can be used end-to-end as a guide for developing and implementing a change management plan. It can also serve as a resource of tools or insights that can be used on-the-go as required.

The intent of the Toolkit is to move beyond outdated, mechanical models of change management, which have been rendered virtually irrelevant in today’s post-covid context.

What makes the Results Map® change methodology different is:

  • It is grounded in research and a blend of global best practice methodologies, particularly related to strategy execution
  • It puts communications and engagement at the heart of change
  • It is a nuanced framework that includes a strong focus on consultative skills and using yourself as an instrument of change
  • It’s applicable to both planned and emergent change/disruption
  • It has a strong focus on measurement and results

The Change Agent’s Toolkit is used by thousands of practitioners around the world to save time and de-risk their transformation projects through a proven step-by-step methodology.

As part of our commitment to knowledge transfer and capacity building, we offer our clients exclusive access to the Change Agent’s Toolkit as part of our engagements – either on its own, or as part of the Results Map® System.

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The Results Map® System

Codifying strategic communications.

My intention in creating the Results Map® System was to codify strategic communications by developing a go-to online resource of proven tools, knowledge products and on-demand learning videos. I’ve attempted to package everything I’ve learned in the trenches of strategic communications over 25 years and package it in an easy-to-use digital toolkit.

The Results Map System® is part of my deep commitment to knowledge transfer and capacity building. My mission is to elevate the impact of communications teams by level-setting a common methodology that saves time and reduces risk. The System spans the full spectrum of strategic communications, including planning, evaluation, employee communications, stakeholder relations, issue management and change leadership.

Get ready to transform the impact and performance of your communications:

  • Improve strategic focus
  • Strengthen alignment & integration
  • Demonstrate results

At the heart of the System is the Results Map® methodology, used by thousands of communicators worldwide. The secret to the transformational impact of the Results Map® methodology is that it goes beyond the “what” of communications and gets at the “how” – building capabilities and confidence in high performance consultative skills.

As part of our commitment to making our clients stronger, we offer our consulting, training and coaching clients exclusive access to the Results Map® System.
• On-demand learning and time-saving resources and tools;
• 10 knowledge products;
• 100+ tools, worksheets and samples.

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