Who cares about your communications evaluation results?


It may look like a flip title, but it’s not. Whether you’ve done a major communications strategy or a smaller project, the truth is that lots of people will care about what evaluation shows the results of your efforts to have been. However, not everyone will care about all aspects of your evaluation in the same way. Depending on their function and level within your organization, different people will want to focus on different aspects of your results.

For instance, process indicators may be very useful to operational teams, but they may be too detailed for senior executives or Board members. Some activity, relationship and result indicators may be valuable not just for internal colleagues but for external partners as well.

Consider the full range of people who might be interested in your evaluation reporting: it may include program and policy colleagues, communications and marketing counterparts, and perhaps even external partners or key suppliers.

The take-away message: when you’re planning your evaluation exercise, draw up a simple reporting plan that takes these differences among audiences into account—and let it guide you accordingly.

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