Knowledge exchange


Many organizations have a great deal of knowledge and experience that they would like to share with others. Handling large volumes of information, working and refining it into usable forms of communications, present their own challenges but all the effort is wasted if the results are mired in an information wasteland that’s difficult to navigate, unfocused and of no apparent value for intended users. For example, it may seem easy enough to post helpful information on a website, but if users find the site unclear or difficult to navigate for what they need, they become frustrated, abandon their search and seek alternative sources – no matter how good the postings are.

What’s the solution?

Sharing Information Through Knowledge Exchange Frameworks” in the Results Map White Paper Series presents a blueprint for developing and applying a knowledge exchange framework. The paper’s objectives are to help organizations meet the challenges they face in producing information products and structure a user‐friendly way to share them. The focus is on organizations with information assets produced by knowledge workers, including scientists, researchers and technologists.

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