What’s your scanning strategy?


If you’re the person who keeps up with broad trends, developments, commentary and news affecting your organization’s business, you’ll be seen as a corporate resource of major value. If you’re not already taking the time to read and network, how do you become that person up in the crowsnest searching for what is on the horizon?

Here’s how to jump start your environmental scanning:

  • Set up a Google Alert on some of your key audiences, stakeholders, partners, and competitors so you immediately get email notifications when there’s news about them online
  • Follow your key audiences on Twitter to get a flavour for their work and priorities
  • Browse blog posts from your priority audiences or stakeholder groups
  • Sign up for email bulletins and newsletters produced by your key audiences and stakeholders
  • Attend events and conferences where you can connect with your most important audience groups
  • Make is a daily practice to stay on top of the news in your industry or sector

One thing that’s certain is that you don’t want to be in a position where your internal clients are informing you of what’s going on among your organizations keys audiences and stakeholders. As a strategic communications professional, this is your domain, and you have to own it to succeed.

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