What does it mean to think strategically?


Thinking strategically takes discipline, clarity and quite frankly, guts. It may stretch you beyond your comfort zone. Often, it requires challenging the familiar status quo by driving conversations beyond a tactical level toward broader outcomes and results.

The trick to thinking strategically is to cultivate the habit of having a laser like focus on outcomes and results, rather than communications tactics.  It’s often a matter of taking a step back and considering where you want to go, and what communications approaches, messages and tactics will best get you there.

Strategic thinking is like a muscle you have to strengthen by exercise: at every juncture, it demands that you walk through the steps of specifying why you’re communicating, to achieve what result, to whom—and only then, how.

A great place to start is to ask the question: What does success look like? Once that definition of success is clear (and, critically, that everyone agrees to it), you can then shape a communications approach to get you there.

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