Understanding change through questions


By its very nature, change happens in the terrain of ambiguity. “What” the change is, and “why” we’re doing it are often unclear, or more frequently, are subject to multiple interpretations. This sets the stage for a weak foundation upon which to build change communications or change management interventions.

In my experience working with several large-scale changes over the years, one of the single most valuable things you can do as a change communicator is to ask good questions to help clarify the change landscape. Trust me – no question is too basic when working in the nebulous swirl of change. I recommend the following:

Results Map® Top 10 Questions in Change

1.Why are we changing?
2.What does success look like?
3.What is the importance of the change?
4.What is the essential intent of the change? What does it mean?
5.What is the risk or cost of not changing?
6.Who is the change sponsor?
7.Who is affected by the change?
8.What structures, processes, technologies are impacted?
9.What are employees gaining? What are they losing?
10.What support is needed (for sponsors, leaders, agents, employees)?

The top 10 questions in strategic communications

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