Change Communications Resources – Coming Together to Address COVID-19

The global communications community is right now facing its biggest challenge, as it navigates the unknown, unprecedented environment of COVID-19.

In many ways as communicators, this is our time. Our contributions in providing clear, fact-based information, setting the appropriate tone, supporting our employee community and demonstrating leadership have never been more important. We are the interface between our organization and our audiences, and in this space there is an unprecedented opportunity to make a difference.

To do our part as we come together as a community of communicators to address the enormous challenges of COVID-19, we are pre-releasing our new Results Map® Guide to Change Communications. This Guide provides techniques, principles and tools to help equip you in addressing the most significant change challenge any of us has experienced. The product is part of the Results Map® System which is launching in spring 2020.

We hope this resource is helpful to you and your team – please feel free to share it to anyone who might benefit.

You are also welcome to participate in a free webinar we are hosting next week on change communications. It will be an opportunity to explore some of the Guide to Change Communications concepts and tools, as well as have a candid exchange with other members of the communications community. If you or any of your colleagues are interested, you can sign up here.

Stay healthy, stay strong and we will get through this together.