Three cheers for podcasts!


I am a huge fan of podcasts, and am always on the lookout for smart, fun content that I can stream on the go.

I’ve had a few requests for recommendations of late, so I thought I’d put together a list of my favourites, particularly in the fields of communications and change management:

Under the Influence: This one’s a classic in Canada. Terry O’Reilly is brilliant, and produces a superb podcast in partnership with CBC. Terry explores the theme of influence, mainly through fascinating stories related to marketing and branding. Every episode is a treat.

Circle of Fellows: What’s not to love about Shel Holtz? With Circle of Fellows, Shel brings us some of the leading thinkers in communications, in engaging discussions spanning a huge breadth of issues facing communicators today. His guests are Fellows of the International Association of Business Communicators who generously share their passion for communications in thought-provoking and helpful conversations.

Anecdotally Speaking: This is a new addition by Shawn Callaghan who is a master in the art of business storytelling. In quick nuggets of content, Shawn shares examples of effective stories used by leaders to drive home a point on an emotional level. I enjoy the way he unpacks the elements of effective narratives and brings to life the superb content first introduced through his book Putting Stories to Work

The 1-3-20 Podcast: This is a new show produced by the amazing Daniel Pink. Daniel interviews top-flight authors about their new books in a fun format that centres around 1 book, 3 questions and a 20 minute summary of the content. Always fresh and fun.

HBR Women at Work: This is a new show produced by the Harvard Business Review. It tackles some of the common challenges that women deal with in the workplace with a degree of sophistication, humour and savvy that’s quite unique. I particularly enjoyed the first episode dealing with the perennial problem of being interrupted during meetings. Sheesh!

Change Management Review: Theresa Moulton interviews fascinating guests from all around the world, exploring a wide range of issues related to change management. I love her conversational interview style, and have discovered several worthwhile authors through this excellent podcast. I recently had the pleasure of recording an interview with Theresa on how change communications can fuel transformation

Conversations of Change: Australia-based Jennifer Frahm does a great job of identifying voices in the change management discipline and presenting short, engaging nuggets of content. Jennifer’s passion for change is contagious, and she has a knack for distilling theoretical concepts down to practical application. I had fun as a guest on her show last year.

I salute all these terrific podcasters and their communities, who put together such thoughtful and generous content for our listening pleasure each month.

I’d love to hear your favourites and recommendations!

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