The top 10 questions in strategic communications


I’m back from my first Results Map® workshop national road show after a loooong season of online-only sessions.

What’s crystal clear to me now is that nothing replaces the energy, buzz and insight that comes from in person connection. There is a sense of re-emergence and reimagining possibilities among the communications teams I’ve had the honour of working with over the last several weeks.

One thing that strikes me is the number of communications professionals coast to coast that I’ve never met, but who share that they’ve been exposed to the Results Map® model of strategic communications and use our most-used tool – the Top 10 Questions in Strategic Communications as part of their weekly practice. A client recently reported moving into a new office space in Regina where an old Results Map® card with the questions was posted on the wall…years and a pandemic later, the singular serendipity of in-person meetings had us connecting and collaborating.

The Top 10 Questions in Strategic Communications remains our most-used and best-known Results Map® tool – here they are in case they might be helpful:

  1. What does success look like?
  2. Why this, why now?
  3. What are the project or corporate objectives?
  4. What are the communications objectives?
  5. How can effective communications help advance the project or corporate objectives?
  6. What are the main risks and opportunities?
  7. Thinking back about past communications activities, what worked and what didn’t? Why?
  8. Who are the key audiences and why are they important?
  9. What are the project management parameters (time, budget and human resources)?
  10. If we could change just one thing, what should it be?

The Top 10 Questions are part of our Results Map® workshops and are the centrepiece of the Rockstar Consultative Skills program. For more, check out:

The top 10 questions in strategic communications

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