The communicator as a sales person


If you’re a communications pro, I highly recommend Daniel Pink’s To Sell is Human to give you a fresh take on your day to day work.

Pink’s thesis is that the nature of our economy and of our information landscape has been fundamentally transformed, and effectively, we’re all in sales now. As communicators and PR professionals, we are in the business of “moving people” to use Pink’s language – every day, we work to promote ideas, convey information, pitch and drive to action.

His book offers an opportunity to look at your communications work from a new lens. In particular, his three critical traits (the new ABC’s of sales) of Attunement, Buoyancy and Clarity are absolutely transferrable to communications pros.

To Sell is Human also offers practical insights on sharpening your consultative skills – thinking about a client relationship from the point of view of problem solving, and focusing on service.

Well worth a read (or, a listen of the Audiobook version)!

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