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The Results Map® methodology is used by thousands of communicators worldwide. It has a proven track record of setting communicators up for success with a practical, reliable and repeatable process for delivering results. The secret to the transformational impact of the Results Map® methodology is that it goes beyond the “what” of communications and gets at the “how” – building capabilities and confidence in strategic thinking and high performance consultative skills.

A strategic approach to communications
The top 10 questions

What does success look like?
Why this, why now?
What are the project or corporate objectives?
What are the communications objectives?
How can effective communications help advance the project or corporate objectives?
What are the main risks and opportunities?
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The Results Map® System

Here’s a sneak peek into the Results Map®  System, which is designed to help communications and change professionals just like you. This preview offers a glimpse of its capabilities – as a Results Map® System subscriber, you’ll gain access to the complete suite of 100+ knowledge products, tools and on-demand learning, unlocking a treasure trove of resources to revolutionize the way you work.

Tools & resources to support you in your role:

Communications leaders

Elevate your communication function’s impact and value.

Communications teams

Shift from solving communications problems to solving business problems through communications.

Internal communicators

Step up your organization’s strategic approach to employee communications and engagement.

Change agents

Find practical, savvy approaches to leading through change and disruption.

Talent leaders

Upskill your managers and executives’ abilities in communication and change.

Executives & CEOs

Shift from chaos to clarity in your organization.

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Top 10 questions for change agents
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