Shifting from prose to prompts


One of the most enduring impacts of AI is that it’s clear that in a world where answers are now easier to find than ever, value comes from those with the skill, savvy and humility to ask the best questions. 

In essence, power has shifted from prose to prompts.

This is especially true when working through organizational ambiguity and change. As I’ve written about previously, the first challenge is to understand the “thing” that’s changing and clarify how that “thing” relates to other “things”. This is all about moving beyond information dissemination and focusing instead on sense-making. 

To help kick-start a deliberate process of inquiry, here are the Top 10 Questions in Change from our Results Map® Change Agent’s Toolkit:

1. Why are we changing?
2. What does success look like?
3. What is the importance of the change?
4. What is the essential intent of the change? What does it mean?
5. What is the risk or cost of not changing?
6. Who is the change sponsor?
7. Who is affected by the change?
8. What structures, processes, technologies are impacted?
9. What are employees gaining? What are they losing?
10. What support is needed (for sponsors, leaders, agents, employees)?

You can consider using these questions as part of leadership or steering committee meeting. They can also be valuable in helping to create a Strategic Framework for Change as a one page go-to summary of your change agenda.

For more on change leadership, check out our Explore hub.

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