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In person, online or hybrid - in English, French or bilingual format - our workshops pack a punch.

“One of the most rewarding experiences in my career is hearing from people who have been in my workshop five, 10 or even 15 years ago tell me that they still use the concepts and tools they learned in their day-to-day work.”

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Principal & Founder

What makes Results Map® workshops different?

Learn by doing.

Our signature approach to designing and delivering workshops is to use the team’s own challenges and priority projects as the focus of learning. This highly customized model ensures that the learning is always relevant, practical and applicable.

The bonus? At the end of the workshop, your team has actually accomplished important work together.

96% positive ratings.

Our secret sauce is to bring a ton of expertise, a lot of heart and a dash of humour to every session.

A rich, memorable experience.

Our workshops are extraordinary because they blend insights, tools, game-changing team exercises and a healthy dose of fun.

Participants often go into our workshops feeling tired, discouraged and skeptical. The magic is that the workshop is a shot in the arm of fresh insight and supportive perspective. They leave feeling equipped, energized and empowered.

A lasting impact on day-to-day work.

Our workshops are grounded in a focus on building capabilities through knowledge transfer. Participants gain access to the Results Map® System which helps level-set frameworks, nomenclature and tools among teams.


Workshops on strategic communications

Workshops on change communications

Workshops on leading through change & disruption

Join the hundreds of companies already using the Results Map® methodology:

The Leadership Development Program for Communicators

A new certificate-granting cohort program offered in partnership with the University of Ottawa.

Learn more about our workshops and options for customization from Principal & Founder, Caroline Kealey

Caroline is internationally recognized as a leading communications strategist, change facilitator, trainer and author with more than 25 years of experience in her field.

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