Change communications

Moving beyond information dissemination to sense making.

“Change communications is a fascinating specialized discipline. I find it extraordinarily gratifying to see how designing communications approaches, messages and tactics specifically to drive change often makes the difference between transformation success and failure.

That’s why in addition to my practice in change communications, I founded the Strategic Communications & Change Program with the University of Ottawa’s Professional Development Institute.

Principal & Founder

Team training on change communications

We offer specialized training programs on change communications. Using our signature “learn by doing” formula, teams can help develop and refine change communication messages and tactics in the workshop setting.

Leadership training & coaching in change communications

One of the best ways to step up your change management efforts is to equip managers and executives with the skills they need to effectively communicate change.

Change messaging & intent development

We offer tailored workshops to lead project and executive teams in defining their statement of intent for change and developing the core elements of a Strategic Framework for Change. Sometimes the best thing you can do when leading change is to slow down to speed up. These sessions aim to achieve just that.

Change communications planning

We support communications, project and executive teams in developing change communications plans. Our co-creation workshops offer the best value for time and money, developing a solid change communications plan over two days through a proven guided facilitation process.

“Change communications is usually not about your ‘thing’. It’s about how that ‘thing’ relates to other things.”
Principal & Founder

How we can support your change communications


We offer specialized training in change communications.

Advisory services

We offer consulting and advisory services in change communications planning and execution.

Individual, team and co-creation coaching

We offer coaching support including a co-creation process for change communications planning.

Strategic Communications & Change Program with the University of Ottawa’s Professional Development Institute

The only program of its kind in the world focused on the intersection between strategic communications and change management.

  • IABC Best of the Best Gold Quill Award for Change Communications (see case study
  • IABC Gold Quill Award for Change Communications 
  • IABC Silver Leaf Award for Excellence in Change Communications 
See the Results Map® Framework for Change
Primer on Change Communications

Tools on change communication

Articles on change communication

Videos on change communication

Podcasts on change communication

Culture Change Workbook

An innovative workbook designed to lead peer circle discussions to define your specific organization’s current culture and identify practical insights on shifting toward culture change.

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