Our expertise

Insight, perspective and know-how.

“We have over 25 years of expertise gained from working alongside clients from around the world. Our stock in trade is perspective. We bring unique insights and proven know-how to communications teams and leaders committed to improving performance. The secret to our success is offering the uncommon blend of deep subject matter expertise, tens of thousands of hours of on-the-ground experience and a relentless passion to help build our clients’ capabilities and confidence.”

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Strategic communication

We literally wrote the book on strategic communications planning. The Results Map® process is the most comprehensive applied methodology in strategic communications available today.

Communication management

We have worked as trusted advisors, coaches (and sometimes as therapists!) to hundreds of heads of communications. Known as a “communicator’s communicator” we contribute a powerful blend of expertise, perspective and empathy to communications leaders and teams.

Change management

We believe that traditional models of change management are at best outdated and at worst are dangerous. Our approach is different. It goes beyond the mechanics and paint by numbers and adds immediate value and clarity in managing through change, disruption and ambiguity.

Change leadership

We have deep expertise in the area of change leadership, including being certified in the best-in-class Strategy Execution methodology. Our focus is on supporting, guiding and encouraging change sponsors in their journey toward transformation.

Change communications

We are globally recognized as pioneers and leaders in the emerging discipline of change communications. We have unparalleled expertise, know-how and experience in finding imaginative solutions at the intersection of strategic communications and change management.

“Ultimately, I view my role as being a change accelerator.”
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Principal & Founder

Expertise in client collaboration

Our expertise goes beyond what we do and includes how we do it. We work in a variety of modalities with a common focus on delivering impact, value and results.


We are skilled in delivering the highest quality bilingual facilitation services and team retreats.


We make a lasting impact through individual and team coaching.


We have perfected unique models for co-creating strategic plans with our clients.


We are trusted, expert consultants offering strategic counsel, perspective and insight.

Expertise in strategic tools

We are known for our focus on creating time-saving, proven tools to support performance. Our approach turns the classic big-box consulting firm model on its head. Rather than keep our methodology and tools secret, we offer them generously and collaboratively as part of our commitment to knowledge transfer.

Message Architecture Worksheet
Top 10 Questions in Strategic Communications
Employee Event Planning Worksheet
Results Map® Change Framework

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