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“My life’s work is to help communications teams and executives work to the highest and best use of their talent. I am deeply committed to building lasting client relationships on a foundation of trust, collaboration and transformational impact.”

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Principal & Founder

What makes Results Map® consulting services different?

Capacity building

We are singular in our focus on making our clients stronger by equipping, enabling and empowering them to work to the highest and best use of their talent.

Somewhat unusual given our consulting business, a hallmark of our success is to reduce our clients’ dependency on consultants.

Our assignments are grounded in a commitment to knowledge transfer and capacity building. We do this by offering clients exclusive access to the Results Map® System.


We work as partners with our clients and pride ourselves on creating a powerful alchemy between our external expertise and our clients’ unique knowledge and know-how. Our fees are structured on a project basis rather than on hourly rates, which allows space for the kind of informal exchange and collaboration that generates the best results.

We are not afraid of the messy middle. In fact, that’s where we shine. By developing deep client relationships and immersing ourselves in our engagements, we are uniquely positioned to help co-create strategic deliverables.

We work from a stance of “allyship” or accompagnement - walking alongside rather than ahead of our clients.


We bring the very best and latest in methodological rigour to every assignment. What’s more, we are at the forefront of developing methodological frameworks and tools. While we are the developers of the Results Map® methodology, we are intentional about blending research, models and frameworks from a range of disciplines to design customized solutions to client challenges.

Our approach is disciplined, rigorous and evidence-based.


We tell leaders what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.

Over the last 20 years, we have earned a reputation for being trusted advisors who can respectfully, but courageously be candid. We will speak the hard truths that others avoid, and our clients can count on us to deliver a professional - and often rare - challenge function.

Strategic communications

It’s not that the strategic communications game is now played differently – it’s that it’s now a totally different game. Organizations and communications teams are struggling to keep pace and to ensure that their strategic communications functions are aligned, enabled and empowered to contribute maximum value.

Our Principal & Founder Caroline Kealey is known as a “communicator’s communicator”. She has earned the perspective, insights and battle scars that come with spending thousands of hours supporting communications teams in the trenches over the last 25 years. In the area of communications planning, she has personally written over 500 strategic communications plans and literally wrote the book on it. Our expertise in change management and change communications complements our unparalleled depth in high performance strategic communications.

Our management consulting services in strategic communications include:

  • Developing strategic communications plans
  • Standing up new communications teams and functions
  • Organizational communications and change
  • Communications functional reviews and audits
  • Governance charters and process design
  • Organizational design
  • Communications audits
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Advisory services
  • Process and team facilitation

Change leadership

Every institution now faces the daunting task of reinventing itself – to become a more thriving, adaptive and human system. Our consulting practice helps organizations and teams navigate and accelerate this change.

Our change leadership and readiness consulting services include:

  • Change readiness assessments
  • Change messaging and intent development
  • Developing a change road map
  • Change communications planning
  • Designing portfolio models for change
  • Strategy execution support
  • Advisory services
  • Process & team facilitation

Consulting resources

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Caroline is internationally recognized as a leading communications strategist, change facilitator, trainer and author with more than 25 years of experience in her field.

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