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“I’ve found that executive and team coaching is one of the most powerful ways I can be of service to clients. The alchemy between my external perspective and the client’s unique expertise blended in a practical coaching model leads to phenomenal results with lasting impact.”

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What makes Results Map's® coaching model different?

Capacity building

We are singular in our focus on making our clients stronger by equipping, enabling and empowering them to work to the highest and best use of their talent.

Somewhat unusual given our consulting business, a hallmark of our success is to reduce our clients’ dependency on consultants.

Our coaching is informed by a commitment to knowledge transfer and capacity building. We do this by offering clients exclusive access to the Results Map® System.


We work as partners with our clients and pride ourselves on creating a powerful alchemy between our external expertise and our clients’ unique knowledge and know-how.

We are not afraid of the messy middle. In fact, that’s where we shine. By developing deep client relationships and immersing ourselves in our engagements, we are uniquely positioned to help co-create strategic deliverables.

We work from a stance of “allyship” or accompagnement - walking alongside rather than ahead of our clients.


We tell leaders what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.

Over the last 20 years, we have earned a reputation for being trusted advisors who can respectfully, but courageously, be candid. We will speak the hard truths that others avoid, and our clients can count on us to deliver a professional - and often rare - challenge function. Our approach is disciplined, rigorous and evidence-based.


We bring the very best and latest in methodological rigour to our coaching practice. Our coaching is guided by a worksheet process and follow-up action items ensuring that the sessions are consistently actionable and high impact.

Our approach is disciplined, rigorous and evidence-based.

Coaching models:


We work one-on-one with senior executives to elevate performance and confidence, particularly in the areas of change leadership and communications.


We provide specialized coaching services to support communications teams. Our areas of focus include building team alignment, performance and strategic impact.


We offer unique co-creative coaching sessions to develop strategic communications and change plans with teams.

We call this our “midwife” model – we guide you through the pain and joy, but it’s not our baby.

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