The Results Map® Certification Program

Level up on your strategic communications skills and capabilities.

The Results Map® Certification Program is delivered online for teams and includes:

A three-hour workshop once a week for six weeks

Individual coaching sessions with the program instructor

Access to the Results Map® System for strategic communications

What you’ll learn

  • Think and contribute strategically
  • Align communications to business objectives
  • Be agile, nimble and proactive
  • Adopt a results-based mindset to communications
  • Build consultative skills and deliver an effective challenge function
  • Conduct public environment analysis
  • Perform audience profiling and segmentation

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The Results Map® Certification Program in Strategic Communications is designed to equip, enable and empower communicators to deliver maximum value.
This unique program is more than just training – it’s a medium for change.

It’s an experience for communications professionals who want to elevate their performance, draw a bigger box and make a meaningful impact.

What makes this different?

This is not just training. The program is specifically designed to build your team’s capacity and facilitate knowledge transfer. It’s all about learning by doing – your team works on their own priority files and challenges, gaining immediate, practical benefits as they move their projects forward as part of the course. Participants are equipped with a proven proprietary methodology backed by easy-to-apply tools, templates and worksheets. The focus is on team building and making communicators stronger – through the hands-on curriculum, the rigorous certification process and the Results Map® System resources. The program is unique in its focus on establishing a consistent, standardized framework and terminology for strategic communications, which will immediately boost a team’s efficiency and collaboration.

The program is led by Caroline Kealey, an internationally-recognized trainer and coach known as “the communicator’s communicator.” Caroline is an IABC All Star speaker and is the Director of the University of Ottawa’s Institute for Strategic Communications and Change. She brings a unique breadth and depth of expertise, with over 25 years of experience working with thousands of communicators world-wide.

The program is a rich, immersive and energizing experience that will boost your team’s skills and turbo-charge their confidence. The experience is specifically designed for online delivery, with a creative blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning that includes a variety of formats, exercises and digital tools to ensure engagement … and some fun. It’s a refreshing opportunity for your team to step back from the day-to-day and reflect on not just what they do, but more importantly, how they do it. The program is a nudge to help your team unlearn the habits and patterns that aren’t serving them – and an invitation for them to step up and step out in their practice as high performing strategic communicators.

The certification program is anchored in industry best practices and research. It fills the huge gap that currently exists between theoretical university-type programs and the plethora of traditional training offered to communicators that is often superficial and basic. The Results Map® Certification Program is sophisticated, avant garde and industry leading. This is not a box checking exercise – it’s a commitment to elevating the function and raising the calibre of your team’s strategic communications contributions.

The Results Map® methodology was first developed in 2004 and has now been used by thousands of communications teams world-wide. Earning a Results Map® Certificate in Strategic Communications will help boost the credibility, confidence and performance of your communications team.

Frequently asked questions

Participants will be designated a Certified Strategic Communications Professional in the Results Map® Methodology.

A digital badge will be provided to participants in recognition of their new credential to add to LinkedIn. The certification does not elapse and does not entail a renewal process.

The program is designed as an engaging, active learning experience with several opportunities to apply the program’s concepts and tools to participant’s real-world priorities. Certification is based on completion of the workshops, active learning exercises and a capstone assignment that helps consolidate the learning. A review/feedback process by the instructor on the capstone is included.

Yes. This is an active, immersive learning experience so attendance is required.


The Certification Program is customized based on the context of your organization. Contact us for more information.


The program does not include extensive homework. Some pre-reading and a few reflection exercises are required, along with a capstone assignment. In total, the program should require no more than three hours of time outside the workshop hours.

The course includes access to individual coaching throughout the program via set office hours, with participants able to book 30 minute sessions via email. Coaching is optional and is at the discretion of the participant.

The time commitment is as follows:

  • 18 hours online, in class (six, three-hour sessions) delivered once a week, over a six-week period
  • Maximum of three hours of course work involved outside of workshops
  • Coaching is available throughout the six-week program period (optional)

The certification program includes access to the proprietary Results Map® System. It provides a suite of 10 knowledge products, over 90 downloadable tools, templates and samples (with core tools available in French), and access to on-demand learning through recorded webinars and videos. Participants will be provided with an individual account to access the Results Map® System for 1 year from the start of the program. Access to the resources can be renewed for an additional cost per year. The course also includes a participant manual of tools and exercise material.

Introducing your facilitator,

Caroline Kealey

Principal & Founder Caroline Kealey is the head and heart of Results Map®.

Caroline is internationally recognized as a leading communications strategist, change facilitator, trainer and author with over 25 years of experience in her field.

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