We collaborate with clients through
consulting, workshops and coaching.

For over 25 years we have supported organizations around the world through our range of customized services spanning strategic communications and change leadership. We have a relentless commitment to making our clients stronger through capacity building and knowledge transfer – this is at the core of our business philosophy and it’s the inspiration behind the development of our Results Map® methodology now used by thousands of communicators and organizational leaders worldwide.

Our expertise

We offer unparalleled expertise in strategic communications, change communications and change leadership – it’s the combination of our areas of expertise that is core to the unusually high degree of value and impact we bring to every assignment.

Niche services

Workshops & retreats

Empower, equip and energize your team through dynamic learning or co-creation sessions.


Gain specialized consulting to support your communications, project or executive team.


Get personalized insights and solutions through individual or team coaching.

The Results Map® Certification Program

This unique program is more than just training – it’s a medium for change.

“I’m driven to help make my clients stronger by building their own capabilities and equipping them with our tools. Our model may be unconventional, but it’s grounded in integrity, respect and a deep commitment to making a lasting difference.”

Principal & Founder
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