Rock Star Consultative Skills for Communicators

Becoming an indispensable strategic contributor

About the workshop

This session is a tonic for weary communicators who are exhausted and disempowered by friction in their internal client relationships. We zoom in specifically on the space between the communications practitioner and their internal clients and executives – the space where the biggest career challenges tend to take place, but also where magic can happen. 

This unique workshop is more than just training – it’s a medium for change. It’s as much about unelarning habits and patterns that may be holding you back as it is about learning new frameworks and approaches to building your consultative skills. We’ll work beyond what you do and focus on how you add value – using yourself as an instrument of change. 

This dynamic session is designed for communications professionals who want to elevate their performance, draw a bigger box and make a meaningful impact. 

Format: In person, online or hybrid

Learning outcomes
Build skill, savvy and confidence in consultative skills
Zap the top three career-killing, soul-crushing frustrations faced by communicators
Gain tools and frameworks for adding value and minimizing friction in managing client relationships
Learn techniques and strategies for delivering an effective challenge function


Module 1:

Using Yourself as an Instrument of Change
Setting the stage
What’s working and what’s not
Functional assessment: learning from organic examples of success
Rockstar consultative skills
The top 10 questions in strategic communications

Module 2:

Slowing down to speed up
Serving Tylenol, not vitamins
The 8 A’s of strategic communications performance
Agile capabilities

Module 3:

Practices & Action Steps
An internal client relationship makeover
Demonstrating value & impact
Reverse workshop
Action planning
Individual commitments
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The workshop can also be delivered online – the agenda is adapted to be delivered in six 2-hour Zoom/Teams modules.

I am writing to let you know how useful your training was. My colleague and I are busy using your strategic framework in all the strategies we are pumping out and we are finding it fun, and a relief – we are able to logically put all the thoughts and actions into a framework that flows so well. Thank you!
Results Map® Workshop Participant, CARE Canada
The Results Map® workshop was the best training session I’ve ever attended – material was top notch and the delivery was totally relevant to my experience and my team’s challenges. Amazing!
Results Map® Workshop Participant
Facilitating a leadership retreat … 2023-style

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The Results Map® System

Codifying strategic communications.

The Results Map® System is an online hub of practical resources, time-saving tools, worksheets, samples as well as on-demand learning videos. The System is the portal for accessing all the tools you need to apply the Results Map® methodology to your communications and change initiatives.

The Results Map® System will help you strengthen the impact, integration and effectiveness of your communications team. By level-setting a common methodology and gaining proven tools, you’ll save time and reduce risk. The System spans the full spectrum of strategic communications, including planning, evaluation, employee communications, stakeholder relations, issue management and change leadership.

It’s offered as part of our commitment to making our clients stronger and includes:

  • 100+ tools, worksheets and samples
  • 10 knowledge products
  • On-demand training videos and webinars
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