Corona’s Results Map® Journey



Corona is a Colombian multinational manufacturing company, with over 135 years dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of products for the home, construction, industry, agriculture, and energy sector. With Business Divisions of Bath & Kitchen, Surfaces, Materials & Paints, Industrial Minerals & Energy, and Tableware. Corona has 20 manufacturing plants in Colombia, as well as plants in the US, Central America, and Mexico.

The Challenge

Corona’s communications team faced two key challenges:

  • With 9 communicators spread across different areas of the organization, the team was lacking a standardized approach to how they operated. Each communicator would use their own methodology to address projects and service internal clients, resulting in missed opportunities for alignment and efficiencies.
  • The team wanted to support their internal clients in a more strategic, organized and consistent manner while helping them to better identify their needs and understand the specific role of communications in their projects.

The Results Map® Solution:

As early adopters of the Results Map® methodology, our collaboration with Corona included the following:

  • Equipping the communications team with the original Results Map® Handbook for Strategic Communications and access to the online portal of tools, templates, worksheets and samples.
  • An introductory webinar to the Results Map® process.
  • A webinar on best practices in employee engagement.
  • Strategic advisory services on evaluation.


  • Results Map® was fundamental in helping the communications team cultivate a more strategic, results-based mindset in their day-to-day work, shifting from a more tactical, reactionary approach.
  • ­The adoption of a consistent step-by-step communications planning process along with standardized tools, worksheets and templates meant communicators were better equipped to execute their projects, maximize value and mitigate risks.
  • ­By building their capacity in consultative skills, the communications team was able to better identify the needs of their clients by helping them better understand their own requirements. The team was able to gain more insights and information earlier on in the project, leading to better results and improved client relationships.

Key Learnings

Corona outlined the following key learnings from their ongoing experience using Results Map®:

  • ­Complex projects made simple: Results Map® is an invaluable methodology that, when used in its entirety, is very helpful in structuring complex projects and changing the way communicators think.
  • ­Flexible and functional for everyday projects: The individual knowledge products of Results Map® can help manage the challenges that communications teams face on a daily basis.
  • ­Helps clients focus & define project parameters: By raising their consultative skills through Results Map®, communicators at Corona have been able to help their internal clients define objectives, key performance indicators and other key factors of the overall project, not just the communications components.
  • ­Drives & assigns accountability: Results Map® helped Corona create shared accountability between the communications team and their internal clients. Clearly defining and distributing responsibilities in such a manner allowed tactics to be assigned to either communications or the internal client, thus helping to manage expectations.
  • ­Motivates you to measure: By emphasizing the importance of measuring before and after executing a project, Results Map® helped motivate Corona’s communications team to gather evidence through tactics such as pre-project surveys and post-project qualitative and quantitative data in order to measure success.
Results Map® has been a very effective tool for helping to standardize what we do. It has helped us to better identify exactly what our internal clients need from us, so that we can add even more value and execute our communications projects successfully by working together.
Eduardo Rifenburg Aparicio
Director of Communications
Primer on Change Communications

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