Podcasts to nourish your mind, body and soul


I recently wrote about the value of informal learning through newsletters, blogs, videos and podcasts. The post triggered several inquiries about podcasts I’d recommend, so without further ado:

Pods to Nourish Your Mind

Dare to Lead with Brene Brown

Why I love it: Brene Brown has a top-tier list of guests and offers a master class on interviewing skills.

Favorite episode: How We Return and Why It Matters with Priya Parker

Prof G with Scott Galloway

Why I love it: Galloway is marketing’s agent provocateur par excellence.

Favorite episode: I enjoy his unscripted riffs in Office Hours episodes, particularly on topics related to higher ed and career planning.

Sway with Kara Swisher

Why I love it: Swisher is known as “Silicon Valley’s most feared and well liked journalist”. Her podcast is masterful and offers thoughtful analysis of tech trends.

Favorite episode: What if Monica Lewinsky Had Twitter in 1998? With Monica Lewinsky

Work Life with Adam Grant

Why I love it: Adam Grant offers a magical blend of insight, humour and sensitivity in engaging with an amazing line-up of guests.

Favorite episode: Indra Nooyi, the former CEO of PepsiCo on It’s Time for Leaders to Care

Pods to Nourish Your Body

Rich Roll Podcast with Rich Roll

Why I love it: Rich Roll has been podcasting for many years, and his experience shows. He is consistently top-notch in the design of his programming and his ability to gently guide valuable long-form. conversations with an eclectic line-up of guests spanning nutrition, running, lifestyle and self-discovery.

Favorite episode: Mel Robbins on confidence and entrepreneurship

Feel Better Live More with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

Why I love it: Reliably high quality content covering an impressive range of health-related topics in a format that is always positive and never preachy.Favorite episode:Cal Newport on digital minimalism

Pods to Nourish Your Soul

We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle (named the #1 new podcast of 2021 by Apple Podcasts)

Why I love it: From my perspective this is the most singular, fresh voice in the podcast space – it is exquisitely honest, raw and real in its invitation for women in particular to get “untamed”.

Favorite episode: Overwhelm: Is our exhaustion a sign that we’re CareTicking time bombs (THE prescription for weary working moms muddling through the pandemic trying to keep sane).

Films to be Buried With with Brett Goldstein (yes, that Brett Goldstein – Roy Kent from Ted Lasso)

Why I love it: Great premise of meeting guests through the films that matter the most to them.

Favorite episode: Brene Brown’s films she’d want to be buried with

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

Why I love it: Refreshingly candid and raw conversations with extraordinary guests who speak about what tends to stay unspoken.

Favorite episode: Brandi Carlile on Music, Mysticism, and Broken Horses, because, well – Brandi Carlile! BTW Carlile’s audiobook memoir Broken Horses is the best I’ve ever heard.

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