In conversation with Jennifer Frahm


A few weeks ago, I was delighted to have a chance to interview Dr. Jennifer Frahm of Conversations of Change in Melbourne. Jen kindly participated as a special (virtual) international guest as part of the University of Ottawa’s Institute for Strategic Communications & Change.

Jen is a superstar in the change space globally, and I’ve been a fan of her work for years. She brings a fresh, insightful and practical perspective on the convergence of communications and change. In particular, Jen is at the vanguard of thought leadership in how conversation can help fuel transformation.

Our web video discussion centered around a theme that comes up at the Institute and among our clients regularly – how can communicators sharpen their consultative skills and evolve into a role of change agent.

For more of Jen’s work which she shares with remarkable generosity online, check out her blog, podcast and upcoming book which she is bravely publishing in real-time as an experiment in the iterative, collaborative approach to working out loud.  

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