How to plan in a world that keeps changing


I would argue that not only is planning possible in a time of constant change, it is in fact indispensable in a context of turbulence and transformation. In a world of rapid shifts and constant pressures to respond to emerging issues, you want to ensure that you are equipped to react thoughtfully, on target, on message and in a consistent fashion.

A strategic communications plan and the process to design it help clarify the North Star. Once you know where your organization and your communications function are going, it becomes much easier to be agile in addressing changing priorities and pressures.

“All strategy-making walks on two feet, one deliberate, the other emergent. For just as purely deliberate strategy-making precludes learning, so purely emergent strategy-making precludes control. Pushed to the limit, neither approach makes much sense.” – Henry Mintzberg on Crafting Strategy

The top 10 questions in strategic communications

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