For a high performing communications function, you need these 5 things.


Alignment. You need a relentless and responsive commitment to your organization’s goals and priorities.  A solid strategic communications plan is in place to guide decisions, but an agile mindset lets you course correct when necessary to keep that alignment intact.

Governance. Communications reports directly to the CEO and there is a standard set for internal clients to engage your services. Your role and responsibility as steward of the organization’s reputation and brand is clear and respected.

Trust. Your expertise and track record for quality and care is beyond reproach. You’ve built strong relationships and honed your knowledge on your client’s business issues, giving you the ability to see connections and proactively provide creative solutions.

Capacity. If the capacity of your communications team is not matched to the organization’s needs – and more importantly, its expectations, you’ll never get past the churn and onto the high value work. 

Capabilities.  You have a team equipped with skill and knowledge, as well as the drive to experiment, evaluate and evolve in order to contribute maximum value.

Want to learn more?  Watch as Caroline Kealey breaks down these 5 essential traits of a high performing communications function.

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