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Results Map® System

Results Map® System

Login using your email and password which will be provided. The Results Map® System is an online hub of knowledge products, tools and on-demand learning videos spanning change management, change leadership, change and strategic communications.


Results Map® Change Agent’s Toolkit – Caroline Kealey

Results Map® Leader’s Guide to Communications – Caroline Kealey

Results Map® Guide to Change Communications – Caroline Kealey

Culture Change Workbook – Caroline Kealey


Realization Mindset for Sponsors – Daryl Conner

Social Architecture – a Manifesto – Luc Galoppin

Adjusting Your Anchors in a Changing World – Brian Gorman

3 Signs of Resistance That Are Really Engagement – Heather Stagl


Courage in the Midst of Change – Brene Brown with Dr. Maya Shankar

Overcoming Culture Antibodies that Reject Change – Dana Jackson

Stop. Breathe. We Can’t Keep Working Like This  – Cal Newport & Ezra Klein


Leading Change Through Community – Luc Galoppin

How to Change Your Workplace – Adam Grant

Culture Change – Edgar Schein


Managing at the Speed of Change – Daryl Conner

The Agile Change Playbook – Jen Frahm

Switch: How to Change When Change is Hard – Chip and Dan Heath

What makes Results Map® workshops different?

In person, online or hybrid – our workshops pack a punch.

Who we help: Executives & CEOs

We work one-on-one with senior executives to elevate performance and confidence, particularly in the areas of change leadership and communications.

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