Strategic Communications

What Makes Results Map® Management Consulting Services in Strategic Communications Different?

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We are singularly focused on making our clients stronger.

Our approach builds capacity through partnership and knowledge transfer. Many consulting firms operate in a “black box” model where methodologies are kept secret in order to create a dependency on consultants. Our philosophy is different. It’s anchored in capacity building and includes sharing our Results Map® methodology and tools in order to create more sustainable, long-term results for our clients.

We are collaborative.

We work as partners with our clients and pride ourselves on creating a powerful alchemy between our external expertise and our clients’ unique knowledge and know-how. Our fees are structured on a project basis rather than on hourly rates, which allows space for the kind of informal exchange and collaboration that generates the most efficient results.

We don’t just solve communications problems. We solve business problems through communications.

Fundamentally we view communications as a key enabler of business outcomes. We are not tacticians, but are strategists committed to identifying root problems and solutions that generate transformative results.

We bring unparalleled expertise in communications strategy.

We have written hundreds of strategic communications plans in a wide range of sectors. Through our experience and dedication, we have developed world-class methodologies, tools and processes in the field of strategic communications planning. Our specialized expertise instantly benefits our clients, saving them time, reducing risks and building their knowledge.  

We are exceptionally rigorous.

Our approach to client assignments is anchored in evidence, industry best practices and our proprietary Results Map® methodology. Clients have confidence in our solutions because they know they are grounded in the best insights, research and expertise available.

We are candid.

Over the last twenty years, we have earned a reputation for being trusted advisors who can be respectfully, but courageously candid. We will speak the hard truths that others avoid, and our clients can count on us to deliver a professional – and often rare – challenge function.

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