Communications Team Retreat

The time to come together as a communications team to help shape the future of work is now.

Two years into the pandemic, communications teams are universally feeling both overwhelmed and underwhelmed.

The pace of demands is relentless, technology and organizational change is constant and stakeholder expectations are sky high. At the same time, communicators are fragmented, disempowered and disillusioned in ways we’ve never seen before.

A Results Map® Retreat offers your team a fresh start – an opportunity to take stock of what’s working and what’s not, while reimagining how you can work together to deliver maximum value and impact. This is the ideal time to invest in energizing, empowering and enabling your communications team. It’s about shifting from just solving communications problems to solving business problems through communications.

Our Results Map® Communications Team Retreats are customized to your team’s specific priorities and challenges. Sessions can be delivered in-person, in hybrid or online formats (bilingual options available).


Retreat objectives:

  • Build team alignment and engagement
  • Explore opportunities to contribute maximum value and impact
  • Identify strategies for contributing value through disruption and change

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Results Map® retreats are facilitated by Caroline Kealey. Known as a “communicator’s communicator”, Caroline has worked with hundreds of communications teams globally. She offers unparalleled expertise in setting communications teams up for success.

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About the retreat

The retreat format includes an advance Gearing Up exercise, workshop tools and resources, as well as access to the Results Map® System. Sessions include a dynamic mix of plenary, breakout and individual reflection exercises. Your team will come away with fresh insights, renewed energy and a practical 30-60-90 day action plan. Topics include:

  • Defining the value proposition of the communications team
  • Unlearning habits, assumptions and behaviours that get in our way
  • Exploring techniques for agile communications including lightweight planning
  • Identifying opportunities to strengthen strategic and tactical integration
  • Elevating value and impact through consultative skills
sample agenda

Retreats can also be customized to include learning modules spanning strategic communications, change communications and navigating disruption and transformation.

“It’s clear that the retreat was a huge success in terms of validating the feelings and observations of the team, creating a new sense of momentum and structure, and of empowering our small but mighty team. Thank you!”

Communications Director

“I really enjoyed the retreat and came away with renewed energy and some fresh perspectives. It was fun!”

Retreat participant

“The retreat was fantastic… such a valuable opportunity to step back and think about our work and how we deliver results.”

Communications Director

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Module 1: What Game Are We Playing?

Setting the Stage
What Does Success Look Like?
Defining Our Value Proposition

Module 2: How Are We Playing?

Exploring Sources of Influence & Power
Rockstar Consultative Skills

Module 3: What Are the Rules?

Understanding the Nature of Change & Disruption
Contributing in a VUCA World - Breakout Exercise
Change Communications Playbook
30-60-90 Day Plan

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