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Choose a Change Management Workshop

Building your team’s capabilities in organizational change

Results Map workshops introduce a sound approach to change management centered on communication and engagement. Following a team-based approach to learning, Results Map sessions equip participants with proven tools and techniques to effectively execute change. All change management workshops include the Results Map Change Agent’s Toolkit and access to the exclusive online database of tools, templates and worksheets.

  1. Leading Organizational Change

    An intensive 1 or 2 day workshop for managers and directors that offers practical strategies and techniques for leading organizational change, and introduces the Results Map change management process. Using tools and worksheets, the session provides hands-on opportunities for people leaders to explore key topics such as governance, working with resistance, building resilience, communicating change and evaluating impact.

    Learning Outcomes:
    • Gain a step-by-step, practical framework for leading organizational change
    • Identify the main pitfalls and risks of change and learn how to avoid them
    • Build skills and confidence in leading change through communication and engagement
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  2. Communicators as Change Makers

    This 1 or 2 day workshop provides an opportunity for communicators to do a deep dive into their role as an agent of change. By exploring the unique mindset, tools, skills and knowledge critical to driving organizational change, participants come away with new insights and renewed confidence to contribute as effective change makers.

    Learning Outcomes:
    • Tap into your abilities to become a transformative agent of change
    • Provide practical ideas and insights on how to help lead change through communications
    • Create a game plan for helping advance your organization’s change agenda
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  3. Results Map Masters Program in Change Management

    This 3-day program combines an in-depth exploration of the Results Map change management process with an opportunity for participants to work through their own change agenda. Through the use of tools, templates and exercises, participants will learn a framework for leading change and create core building blocks of their own change management plan. Program includes coaching and certification in the Results Map methodology.

    Learning Outcomes:
    • Gain a step-by-step framework for change management
    • Apply the Results Map framework to your change project through tools, templates and worksheets
    • Understand the core skill sets and mindsets required for effective change management
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  4. Communicating Change

    This 1-day workshop provides in-depth training and tools in the specialized area of change communications. Through case studies and worksheets, participants gain useful insights on how to effectively design communication messages and strategies to drive organizational change.

    Learning Outcomes:
    • Explore the unique characteristics of change communication
    • Introduce a Change Communication Planning Tool and learn how to apply it in a variety of applications
    • Identify the classic pitfalls of change communication, and learn how to avoid them
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