What the Heck is a Results Map?


I am often asked what our product the Results Map is all about, so I thought I’d take a moment to provide a brief answer…

The Results Map is a step-by-step process for strategic communications. We developed the model is 2004 as a response to the complaints one so often hears about communications being an unplanned, ad hoc and reactive discipline.

By creating a predictable, methodological approach to directing communications towards measureable results, our goal was to package not only a process for writing a Communications Strategy, but to help shape a clear path toward defining a strategic mindset for the function overall. 

The graphic language of a subway map is used to present the structure:

Over the years, the Results Map has grown and now includes a series of training workshops, a Handbook and an extensive proprietary database of tools, templates, worksheets and samples covering all aspects of the strategic communications continuum. We’ve also added new resources in the area of change communications and change management.

Check out this video explaining how the Results Map helps teams move from just solving communications problems, to stepping up and solving business problems through communications.