The Multiplier Effect

Dan Sullivan, Founder of The Strategic Coach, has had a significant influence on my career as an entrepreneur.

Lately, Dan has been doing a lot of thinking on the concept of the “multiplier effect” – as a communicator, I was particularly taken with this recent blog post linking Marshall McLuhan’s thinking to the multiplying power of new media.

What multiplying effects are possible within your organization? This concept might help you identify some breakthrough insights – beyond the obvious multiplying effect of viral and social media, what other multipliers exist?

Just think about the power in applying a multiplier effect to your internal or external communication – what channels might multiply the reach of your communications? What individuals can contribute a significant multiplying factor to your message? What activities can multiply your impact?

The multiplier effect is naturally appealing in the context of an entrepreneurial organization – but it may just also be an innovative path toward breakthrough results in your communications organization.