Lessons in Lean and Agile Change Management

Last week, the Ingenium team participated in a terrific workshop on Lean Change Management facilitated by Jason Little.

It was a terrific occasion to kick start the new year by exploring new ways of leading change through agile and lean approaches.

Here were my three main takeaways from the session:

Plan to re-plan. Coming from a strategic planning background, I was particularly intrigued by the various approaches to developing plans using more iterative and responsive techniques. Jason’s advice of “favouring progress over completion” resonated strongly to me and to the group. It’s become clear that our fixation on the finish line and what we see as “success” tends to hinder our ability to break down a process into manageable, flexible pieces that focus on the next best thing to do, and the next best thing after that.

Focus on “light-weight” visuals. Jason’s facilitation and training approach is refreshingly unplugged. He offered his content through a highly visual and interactive technique, flip charting concepts and inviting participation in visualizing the group’s work throughout the sessions. Part of this immersive and highly visual experience was the use of Lego Serious play – we got to use lego as a material to respond to questions in the workshop… tapping into a more creative side of exploration. We also worked with a Change Canvas tool which I found very helpful to quickly visualize and map out a plan through a collaborative process.

The highly impacted should be highly involved. The workshop really drove home the importance of collaboration and conversation as cornerstones of an agile approach to leading change. I particularly appreciated how Jason was able to scale agile techniques such as Kanban Boards and Scrum meetings beyond the traditional scope of software development and apply them to large-scale organizational transformation.

My colleagues and I got great value out of the session – it was helpful, practical and insightful. We look forward to welcoming Jason as a contributor to the University of Ottawa Institute of Strategic Communications and Change… watch this space for details!