Great Minds

For 16 years, our company has delivered value to our clients – building our reputation, our business and our brand in Ottawa, in Canada, and around the globe.   For the last 12 of those years, we’ve been doing that as Ingenium Communications.

To us, the word Ingenium meant innovation, fresh thinking, and insight. As a boutique firm specializing in strategic communications and change management, we felt it was a word that perfectly represented our dedication and passion to delivering thoughtful, creative, inspired solutions to our clients.

For one word to mean all that – well, we think it’s a pretty awesome word.  And this week, three of our national museums announced that they feel the same way.

The rebranding of Canada’s Agriculture and Food, Aviation and Space and Science and Technology museums has prompted some questions from the community that’s known us as Ingenium for well over a decade.   We’ve had some interesting conversations and more than a few eyebrows raised – “Did you get bought?” or “are you in the museum business now?”

We want to take this moment to thank you for your support, and to reassure you that Ingenium is still Ingenium.

At this point, another company sharing the same name isn’t affecting how we do our business, and there’s nothing to suggest that will change.  Ingenium means innovation.  It means creativity, and inspiration and thinking differently, and if there are great minds out there that think that too – well then, we must be doing something right.

We look forward to continuing to serve this great community and to proudly living up to our name.