Announcing the new Results Map® Certification Program in Strategic Communications

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Results Map® Certification Program in Strategic Communications – an intensive 6-week online program for communications professionals who want to elevate their performance, draw a bigger box and make a meaningful impact.

This unique program is more than just training – it’s a medium for change.

Available for both individuals and teams, the Results Map® Certification experience offers the best of micro-learning – blending live, online workshops, coaching and asynchronous exercises. Upon completion of the program, participants earn a Certificate in Strategic Communications in the Results Map® Methodology including a digital badge to add to their LinkedIn profile.

The Certification program is the culmination of our 20-year track record of providing applied learning for strategic communicators around the world. It’s as much about learning new perspectives as it is about unlearning old habits and dismantling patterns and assumptions that hold communicators back. The program is a forum for learning by doing, building strategic muscle and turbo-charging confidence. It consists of three core modules:

  1. The Indispensable Communications Strategist
  2. The Results Map® Framework for Strategic Communications
  3. The Essential Skills of the Strategic Communicator

Participants also gain access to one-to-one coaching and are equipped with the capacity building powerhouse Results Map® System of knowledge products, and over 80 tools and templates. 

The first open enrolment delivery of the Certification Program begins in September 2021.  Communicators who have already completed Results Map® training have opportunities to build on that foundation and fast-track Certification.

The time to level-up on strategic communications skills and capabilities is now. Contact us to explore how the Certification program can help move you and your team from being transactional to truly transformational in 2021 and beyond.