A Communications Project Lifecycle

Communications is often a very messy business – we tend to deal with lots of moving parts, multiple stakeholders (often with competing priorities) and very short deadlines.

The nature of our work demands a strong approach to project management – the discipline of managing the variables of quality, time and budget.  It’s the escape hatch from the frustrations and risks inherent in managing the communications function.

It’s no accident that the Results Map methodology begins with a focus on project management – it’s the vital function required for communications success. A Project Lifecycle (also referred to as a Project Plan), is an essential tool for defining the various steps in a project, particularly if it involves working with external  partners.

This Results Map Project Lifecycle sample – taken from our Results Map Handbook and designed for a Communications Strategy – sets out a repeatable model for outlining the various steps and dependencies in embarking on a large-scale project.

Establishing what’s expected and when in a clear, linear fashion sets everyone up to succeed.