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Communications for Managers

Communication is about the exchange of information, ideas, and emotions. Use the following tips to maximize communications in your position as a manager:

  1. Be Proactive: Take the initiative to reach out. If you don’t have the information you need, find it.
  2. 360 Degree Thinking: Consider who would benefit from information broadly – up, down and across the organization.
  3. Be Timely: Communicate as soon as there is a need to – even if all the details are not yet clear.
  4. Favour Face to Face: Wherever possible, communicate in person through conversations, meeting or just walking around.
  5. Listen: Remember that communications is about exchange and dialogue – listen for cues and adjust your message as needed.

For more on communications for managers, see here: http://www.slideshare.net/CarolineKealey/best-practicesandcommunicationsformanagers

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