Best practices for organizational design of communications teams


In working with hundreds of heads of communications over the past several years, I’m struck that they tend to share a remarkably consistent cluster of frustrations.

Whether they lead teams in large Fortune 500 companies, or in small not-for-profits, communications leaders tend to complain that their teams are too tactical, reactive and fragmented.

That’s no surprise. But what is intriguing is that once we start digging into these issues a bit further, very often I find that the teams are actually designed to perpetuate the very patterns that are driving their leaders crazy. These structural issues, entrenched through culture, habit and process tend to also be at the core of what’s holding communications teams back from attaining maximum impact and performance.

That’s why stepping back to consider the fundamentals of sound organizational design for communications teams is so critical. This new Best Practice Paper for Organizational Design of Communications Teams can help guide a fresh, intentional approach to ensuring that you’re set up for success.

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