Assessment quiz

This assessment tool will provide you with a quick diagnostic of how your communications team is doing. The focus is on identifying strengths and gaps with a view to ensuring that your team is effectively positioned to deliver maximum impact and value.

The tool is based on the Results Map® methodology and assesses your communications team in 10 core dimensions.

1. Does the head of communications have an effective reporting structure to the CEO or most senior executive level?

2. Is the governance of the communications function clear (i.e., scope of accountability, authority as well as roles & responsibilities?)

3. Is there clear alignment between business objectives and communication objectives?

4. Do you have an effective, practical strategic communications plan?

5. Does your communications team have the tools it needs to work effectively (i.e., workflow management, digital collaboration, communication channels)?

6. Is your communications strategically integrated effectively (i.e., across tactics and between internal and external communications)?

7. Does your communications team have the skill, process and mindset required to respond to changing or emerging priorities including issues and crises?

8. Do you have the required number of full-time staff to effectively deliver your communications function?

9. Does your communication team have the right in-house skill set and know-how (consider strategic abilities, consultative skills, tactical execution)?

10. Does your communication team have performance indicators and measurement tools to assess results?

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