Jordana Nesrallah

Project Manager, Client Services

Jordana Nesrallah

About Jordana

Jordana brings the highest level of client service and project excellence to all of her engagements. She is recognized for her ability to find the art of the possible, creating solutions that are responsive to client needs.

Jordana provides top-notch logistical and coordination services underpinning the success of Results Map® workshops and client assignments. She is invested in building lasting positive client relationships.

With experience spanning both the public and private sectors, Jordana has been instrumental to the success of clients including the Royal Canadian Mint, Shopify, Canadian Institutes for Health Information and the McConnell Foundation. Jordana joined Results Map® after a successful tenure in a Dean’s Office at the University of British Columbia.

Jordana brings her integrity, equanimity and creativity to every client engagement. She has earned a reputation as a go-to resource for clients to find quick answers and practical solutions to challenges.

Jordana holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree from the University of Ottawa.

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