A shift in thinking: from activities to results


One of the easiest ways you can immediately enhance your strategic value as a communicator is to make a shift in the way you think about your function. Communicators generally focus on the very real day-to-day challenges of writing content, developing collateral or coordinating an event.

What if you focus less on the activities, and instead zoom in on the result?

That is a massive shift, and it’s fundamental to evolving from being an “order taker” to being a valued strategic contributor. It’s the difference between the churn of producing brochures, web copy and speeches and having the discipline to get very clear on what those things are actually designed to achieve.

Think with the end in mind. What is your goal? A change in behaviour? Increased sales? Reduced staff turnover?

As a general rule, you will contribute more significant, unique value to your organization when you worry less about the “stuff”, and more about the results.

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