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“My life’s work is to help communications teams and executives work to the highest and best use of their talent. I’m deeply committed to building lasting client relationships on a foundation of trust, collaboration and transformational impact.”

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Building internal capabilities in leading & communicating change

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Empower, equip and energize your team through dynamic learning or co-creation sessions.


Gain specialized consulting to support your communications, project or executive team.


Get personalized insights and solutions through individual or team coaching.

“We don’t just solve communications problems. We solve business problems through communications.”
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Join the hundreds of companies already using the Results Map® methodology:

The Government of Northwest Territories’ Results Map® Journey

Background The Government of Northwest Territories (GNWT) serves a community of 45,000 people spread across 1.2 million …

The Government of Northwest Territories’ Results Map®

We are recognized as pioneers in advancing the art and science of change communications.
Caroline Kealey
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Explore the Results Map®

Get ready to transform the impact and performance of your communications with the Results Map®.
  • Improve strategic focus
  • Strengthen alignment & integration
  • Demonstrate results
The Results Map® methodology is used by thousands of communicators worldwide. It has a proven track record of setting communicators up for success with a practical, reliable and repeatable process for delivering results. The secret to the transformational impact of the Results Map® methodology is that it goes beyond the “what” of communications and gets at the “how” – building capabilities and confidence in strategic thinking and high performance consultative skills.

The Results Map® System

Codifying strategic communications.

The Results Map® System is an online hub of practical resources, time-saving tools, worksheets, samples as well as on-demand learning videos. The System is the portal for accessing all the tools you need to apply the Results Map® methodology to your communications and change initiatives.

The Results Map® System will help you strengthen the impact, integration and effectiveness of your communications team. By level-setting a common methodology and gaining proven tools, you’ll save time and reduce risk. The System spans the full spectrum of strategic communications, including planning, evaluation, employee communications, stakeholder relations, issue management and change leadership.

It’s offered as part of our commitment to making our clients stronger and includes:

  • 100+ tools, worksheets and samples
  • 10 knowledge products
  • On-demand training videos and webinars
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